Where are LED Area and Site Lights Mainly Used?


LED area and site lights are mainly used for security purposes in parking lots, perimeters, and other areas that require illumination. In the case of non-LED light systems, the light starts dimming once you move away from the light source, which is not the case with LED lights. LED lights are much more efficient when providing even illumination throughout, which is why they are used in various areas and site lights.

LED area lights consist of metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS). They help eliminate the shadowy areas in the parking lots or perimeters that improve the area’s security. Moreover, LED area light fixtures are longer lasting, with approximately 100,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.

Do you want to know what LED area and site lights or parking lot lights are used for? Keep reading this informative guide about the main uses of LED area lights.

Main Uses of LED Area and Site Lights

Some main uses of LED areas and site lights are given below;

1. Parking Lots/Garages

LED area and site lights are mainly used in parking lots or garages for various reasons. With good lighting around your facility’s parking lot, you will be ensuring a more comfortable environment for your tenants, employees, or customers. Not only that, but good lighting in parking lots is also necessary for the safety and security of people and vehicles.

Parking areas usually consist of a large square foot area, and enhancing its lighting system greatly impacts it. This is why LED area lights are considered the most prioritized option for parking areas. In addition to security and comfort, LED lights also provide a great aesthetic to the site.

2. Warehouses

One major application of LED area and site lights is in the warehouses. In the past, High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting was used in warehouses, but their limitations have given way to LED lighting. The major limitation of HID lighting is that once you turn them off, it will take some time before they can fully function again. LED lighting is different.

LED area and site lights are a perfect fit for warehouses because they help eliminate the working cycle of HID lighting. Similar to parking lots, warehouses also have a larger footprint, and LED lighting can help make a greater impact. Moreover, LED lighting provides high-quality light for such spaces.

Benefits of LED Area and Site Lights in Parking Lots/ Warehouses

LED areas and site lights in parking lots and warehouses have various benefits. Let’s discuss some of these benefits.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption – Other lighting technologies or systems use some gas source or other fuel that greatly affects your energy bills. At the same time, LED lighting uses semiconductors for light emission, reducing energy consumption.
  • Low Replacement Costs – LED lights have a longer lifespan than any conventional lighting system. This means you will save a lot of money from replacement costs.
  • High-Quality Lighting – LED lights are known for their higher quality than any other type of lighting. These lights are better in larger spaces like parking lots and warehouses.


The advantages of LED lighting cannot be denied, especially in larger spaces such as parking garages. LED area and site lights have gained popularity as the most energy-efficient option. They enhance the security of any area by illuminating it efficiently and evenly. With a greater lifespan, they are perfect for every area and site.


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