Jing Sourcing- Find Good Suppliers On China Wholesale Site


If you are business owner, you must have thought of outsourcing as a means to reduce your work load, or to maximize profits. Though there are various agencies to help you with it, very few are as good and reliable as Jing Sourcing, where you can find good suppliers on China wholesale site. The website is much better option than Alibaba.com. They are one of China’s best sourcing agencies, who will help you import your products and items from China in a cost-efficient manner. The best part about partnering with them is the fact that they wish to serve small and medium-sized businesses, mainly eCommerce.

Let us look at a few advantages of partnering with Jing Sourcing for your business.

Advantages of Jing Sourcing

Check out each of these advantages of sourcing your products from Jing Sourcing. They offer really great service and should be your first choice.

1. Private Label

Jing Sourcing provides custom production, packing and labelling services to its clients. This means that you can use your brand name and identity in the products and packing you use while you outsource your products from China. They will help you print logos as well as its customized package design to help you stand out from your competitors.

2. Free Product Photography For E-Commerce

Usually, eCommerce websites need to showcase their products to customers to choose from. Jing Sourcing helps with product photography for their clients, whose depend on eCommerce as a market of sale. While getting this service would usually cost you some bucks, Jing Sourcing does it for free.

3. Graphic Designing

Besides product photography, Jing Sourcing also helps in graphic designing that will be a great mode of advertising and introducing each product to its intended consumers.

4. Affiliate Programs

Jing Sourcing also offers an affiliate program to its clients, where you can have a passive income for a lifetime. All you need to do is submit an application, and the team from Jing Sourcing will contact you. Soon, a link will be shared with you that you can use to refer to your clients, friends and customers.

What Makes Jing Sourcing Unique And Best?

Jing Sourcing is one of the best agencies you can ever depend on for all your business needs. With over 100 employees, they help with all the procedures and steps related to outsourcing and exporting products from China. This is very much different from other outsourcing companies, which have way fewer employees, yet choose to serve large-sized traders. This often degrades the quality of service they render.

Over the past few years, Jing Sourcing has been able to help over 4,000 small and medium sized businesses succeed, and many of them have grown to become million-dollar eCommerce sellers. Jing Sourcing provide a greater number of options for product and package customizations. They also have several custom shipping and delivery plans for their clients to choose from.

The service that makes Jing Sourcing stand out among its competitors is the quality and packing inspection they perform on all products before shipping out of China. Not many other sourcing companies provide this service, as it can be categorized as a premium or luxury feature.


It seems that very few sourcing companies in China can hold a candle against Jing Sourcing. They offer really reliable and great service to their clients, as well as several premium services. Jing Sourcing has helped thousands of businesses in various phases of their development succeed. The best part about Jing Sourcing is that they focus to serve small and medium-sized businesses, while most of its competitors wish to serve large-sized traditional traders.


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