What Are The Sports Court Solutions By ZSFloor?


A good and prepared sports court by ZSFloor can help in developing a culture of exercise and sportsmanship. Sports flooring manufacturer ZSFloor is creating a new visionary in sports flooring. They can provide all the required products and services that can assist in designing a dream sports court.

Whether you’re searching for a soft and durable sports court surface for your indoor gym or for some commercial outdoor project, ZSFloor solution and services can be your foremost destination.

You can get more information regarding the ZSFloor solution and its various services from this article. So, stay connected.

Sports Court Solutions By ZSFloor

ZSFloor is one of the creative and ingenious sports flooring factories, that supplies cost-effective benefits and creations to its customers. Check out all the compelling services and designs that ZSFloor can equip to your sports court surface:

1. Basketball Court

Whether you’re looking for a commercial outdoor basketball court or a domestic basketball court for your backyard, ZSFloor can provide you with a reliable and with customized flooring solutions. These flooring can help in protecting the athlete’s joints with the built-in shock absorber feature.

It can provide the floor with an energy-absorbing lock feature that can ensure no fracturing and budge to the floor. It can give an adequate percentage of anti-slip performance.

2. Tennis Court

In case you’re looking for a good tennis court resurface servicing, then contact ZSFloor solutions for the tennis court flooring. Thereafter you can get a modular floor for your tennis court with a double-layer preparation, that can give you consistent ball rebound access. Moreover, get a maintenance-free arrangement for your tennis court from ZSFloor that can save you a long-time usage cost.

3. Indoor Court

Get a ZSFloor tiles collection and save your expenses for indoor basketball court building. It can furnish your indoor court floor with a built-in shock absorber feature, saving you money from getting rubber mat expenses.  Its smooth surface feature can also provide extra protection to the athletes.

The  ZSFloor tiles collection can give your indoor court a sun-textured finish, that can be useful in providing fine friction to the surface of the court and it also works in preventing scratches from the surface skin.

4. Inline Hockey Rink

ZSFloor solutions and services provide roller hockey rink creation solutions with a warranty of 10 years. These hockey rinks are designed for all weathers, that means these hockey rinks can work perfectly for both summer and winter. The modular courts designed by ZSFloor solution are have energy-absorbing buckles attached with each tile.

It can control damage from temperature disparities. Moreover, the roller rink surface designed by ZSFloor is prepared to enable high-speed activity, as an effect, it can be helpful in reflecting the potency of the athlete.

5. Skating Rink

At the time of skating on the roller-skating floor designed by the ZSFloor’s solution, you can’t notice scratches on the floor surface because of its latest scratch resistance features. ZSFloor’s furnishes each tile of the skating ring with the capacity to carry more than 2500N weight. Moreover, the ZSFloor’s services can provide your skating ring durability of more than 15 years with a smooth surface and easy to install facilities.

6. Volleyball Court

ZSFloor solution and services provide a fantastic surface for outdoor volleyball courts. You can contact them for designing volleyball courts for both your commercial project and also your house’s backyard. The volleyball courts designed by ZSFloor solution and services are prepared with a TPE material layer, which can give a super soft, recyclable, and environmentally friendly surface to your volleyball court. These special features of the court’s surface can give extra protection to the player’s skin from being harmed through the surface connection.

7. Badminton Court

ZSFloor solution and services can provide you with an outstanding surface for your outdoor badminton court and that also at a reasonable price.

Badminton is a considerably popular game in some Asian countries, keeping this in mind the ZSFloor solution and services has prepared floors convenient for different usage environments and techniques. ZSFloor furnishes the surface tiles with SG. TOOL and elastic cushions make them more professional and protective for the athletes.


With a professional R&D team and factory advantages, the ZSFloor furnishes all sports floors and connected solutions. It can be useful for all sorts of sports courts. So, don’t explore other solutions, contact the ZSFloor solution providers and enjoy various advantages of different types of sports court floorings.


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