Upgraded Features of Nanrobot Ls7 Scooter


The nanrobot LS7 scooter is made to be a more cost-effective solution for individuals who want to ride around town. Compared to an internal combustion engine, it is significantly quieter because of the electric motor, with a top speed of 55 mph and a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge.

The other upgraded qualities of the nanrobot ls7 include:

Battery Life & Range:

The ls7 boasts a sizable 80Wh Lithium-Ion battery that offers up to 45 miles of riding range. If you’re only using it for commuting or running errands around town, this is more than adequate range for the majority of folks, and it should last for several hours of riding.

Motor Configuration:

The LS7’s regenerative braking and 800W brushless hub motor allow it to recharge the battery as you brake or coast down slopes. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about charging your scooter at home every night like some other models do. Instead, you’ll be able to travel farther on each charge.

Construction & Build Quality

The deck is built of aluminium alloy, which is not only strong but also lightweight. High quality steel was used in the handlebar construction to ensure maximum stiffness. For increased traction and longevity, the tires’ rubber is strengthened. The front fork offers extra support when riding over obstacles or bumps, while the rear suspension makes it possible to travel across most terrains with ease. The brakes utilise mechanical disc brakes that may be easily serviced and replaced when necessary thanks to a fast release system.


The Nanrobot LS7 electric scooter has two wheels with suspension on each wheel in addition to the front tire and rear tire, giving you a smoother ride even over uneven terrain like gravel roads or grass.

Ride Quality

With the changeable speed option that comes with this electric scooter, you may change your pace to suit your preferences or needs, such as going uphill or downhill. The top speed an electric scooter can go is 55mph, but this also relies on how much you weigh; if you are over 220 pounds, it will not go faster than that.


An in-handlebar sensor regulates the brakes. It functions by sensing the pressure you put on it. When you firmly depress the brake lever, the braking system is engaged. When you let up on the lever, the vehicle stops braking and resumes its normal pace.


Because it is lightweight and foldable, this electric scooter is incredibly portable. When not in use, it can be folded into a smaller size for convenient storage. You only need to press a button before you can fold it according to the directions in the user manual that was included with your purchase. There are no tools or special folding techniques needed. In order to make it even more portable, it has two built-in carry handles at either end of the deck to assist you in moving it anywhere you need to go without exerting too much effort or soon becoming fatigued after carrying heavy objects for a prolonged amount of time.


If you were looking for an ls7 but changed your mind and opted to look at the other models in the Nanrobot line, there are certain unique features that make the LS7 a reasonable deal for what you receive. The improvements over the prior models are found in this scooter’s higher power, longer run time, and improved speed capabilities, which make it a worthwhile scooter. So, if you want greater performance and range and don’t mind paying more, then this model is the best for you.

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