Can we gunshot a beer bottle?


The controversy over cans vs. bottles is still going strong, and many can supporters assert that another reason why they prefer cans to bottles is that you can’t shoot from a bottle. It is feasible to shoot a beer from a bottle, which proves that this is not the case. Strawpedoing is the term for shotgunning beer out of a bottle. Any beverage container that is harder to pierce, such glass beer bottles, may be strawpedoed. If you think you can’t do it then you should order shotgun beer gun.

Chug beer from a glass bottle as follows:

  • Open the beer bottle, then slide a flexible straw inside.
  • Bent your straw until it covers the bottle’s mouth. The beer will flow out of the bottle easily since the straw will let air into the bottle.
  • Back up your head and down that beer!

What is beer shotgunning?

At home parties, shooting beer is a terrific way to impress your friends and get intoxicated quickly. But it may be more complicated than it seems to guzzle a drink. Making a hole in the side of a can and sticking your lips over it allows you to consume beer or another liquid exceptionally quickly. When the tab on a beer can is opened, the beer easily drips out the hole and may be consumed exceptionally rapidly.

How does beer shotgunning operate?

If there is a hole in the bottom of a beer can, the beer may drain quickly because the hole enables air to enter the can. A vacuum is produced when the single hole in the beer can is covered by your mouth, slowing the beer flow. Once a second hole is made in the can’s bottom, air may quickly enter to assist in forcing the beer out.

Do shots get you more intoxicated more quickly?

Yes, shotgunning a beer will get you drunker faster than just sipping a beer. It goes without saying that the quicker you drink, the more intoxicated you will get. It’s elementary science. Alcohol is absorbed by the body far more quickly than the liver processes it. One beer will typically take your body an hour to digest. Your body’s alcohol level will increase and you will get intoxicated if your body can’t digest the alcohol quickly enough. The ease with which your body may absorb alcohol depends on several things. How quickly you get inebriated might depend on your height, weight, alcohol tolerance, and whether your stomach is full or empty.

What is the beer chugging world record?

The previous record for shotgunning a beer was beaten by more than 2.5 seconds by this new record.

How to quickly shotgun beer

  1. Make a shotgun hole first

Make a hole at some place in your can that is an inch from the bottom by a knife or maybe a key, the hole must be about the size of a dime. Take particular caution to avoid cutting yourself!

  1. Prepare to shoot your drink in step two

While rotating the can (and your head) straight up and down, place your lips over the hole.

  1. Open the beer can

Open your beer can after taking a few long breaths. The liquid will swiftly drain through the shotgun hole once the can’s tab is opened.

  1. Drink your drink slowly

Start chugging now that the drink is entering your mouth!


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