What should you check before buying a Smart TV Box?


Before buying a smart TV box, it is necessary to verify its technical characteristics, since in the market it is possible to get many models with different functions and options.

These devices have become the ideal solution for those who do not want to leave their conventional TV to buy a smart one. The opportunity to install a Smart TV Box gives them the same possibilities and functions of a smart TV without having to buy a new one.

This, besides being much more economical, also represents a benefit to the environment, avoiding discarding devices and technology considered “obsolete”, but on the contrary, adapting new technology to the devices we already have at home.

Although the operation of a Smart TV Box is quite simple and versatile, there are many things to consider before buying it to make sure it works properly not only on your TV, but also on any other TV.


Not all Smart TV Boxes have the same resolution. Some of them have a 1080p resolution or a lower one of 700p. The quality of the image that this type of device can provide will also depend on the image resolution of your TV.

An example of this are 4K TVs; to get the best out of this TV make sure you buy a high resolution Smart TV Box.

Operating system and connectivity

When buying a Smart TV Box it is advisable to check the operating system used by the device and that it is updated to its latest version. It is also important to take a look at the connectivity band so that it is compatible with the WiFi connection you have at home.

Check the storage

The internal storage space is what will allow you to install applications on your Smart TV Box, as well as download different content, such as videos, photos or even the program you are watching at the moment.

It is best to have at least a storage capacity of 32 GB and check if the device has a slot that allows you to expand that space. This is possible through an SD or micro SD memory, and in some cases, the devices have a USB port to record on your flash drive.

RAM Memory

If you are interested in buying a Smart TV Box, you should know that there are many options on the market. Although they fulfill the same function, there is a very important feature that can differentiate them, such as RAM memory.

The more RAM memory the device has, the better the applications will work, preventing them from freezing or suddenly stop working when you have many of them open at the same time.

It is best to purchase a Smart TV Box with at least 4GB of RAM so that it can work comfortably when running more than one application at a time. Since platforms and applications are heavier and faster, devices like these that have 2GB of RAM or less should be discarded.


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