How Do Melting Furnaces Work?


Melting furnaces help in melting different types of metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This implies that you can melt metals like aluminum, copper, and iron in these melting furnaces. Most are designed with the capacity to melt metals ranging from 1kg to 350kg. Hence, you should go for the best melting furnaces to get a better result.

What are melting Furnaces?

Melting furnaces are heat generated processing machines to liquefy solid metal materials. The thermal processing machines that generate the melting furnaces are designed to evaluate the temperature of any solid material and create enough heat to melt the metal from its solid state to its liquid form.

What are the working principles of the Melting furnace?

The thermal processing machine is specially made to generate great melting powers that can dissolve all precious metals from one state to another. Most precious melting furnaces are made to generate great temperatures that can attain 1600 degrees Celsius or even higher. Aside from metal, melting furnaces can also work effectively in melting other solids. This implies that the melting furnace will produce a scorching temperature surpassing the melting point of the dissolved metal.

What are the types of melting furnaces?

Metal melting furnaces come in different types to handle various tasks. Examples of melting furnaces include the following.

Manual furnace

The manual furnace is melting equipment for melting non-ferrous and ferrous metal that falls within the range of 10 to 200kg. The melting speed of this equipment usually ranges from 20 to 50 minutes per batch, depending on the strength of the metal.

Motor furnace

The motor furnace is a system meant to melt metals that fall within the range of 20 to 50kg. Unlike the manual furnace, the melting speed duration of the motor furnace is usually 30 minutes per batch.

Hydraulic furnace

The hydraulic tilting induction furnace is melting equipment designed to melt ferrous and non-ferrous metal that falls within 100 to 350kg. Its melting temperature can attain 1650 degrees within 10 minutes.

Chain motor furnace

The chain motor furnace is a tilting system specifically meant for melting metals that fall within the 30 to 50kg range. This system is powerful enough to melt precious metals like copper, gold, silver, and many others. Its melting speed ranges from 3 to 5 minutes per batch.

Are melting furnaces affordable?

A melting furnace used for smelting metals actually comes with a great price. Of course, the price of the equipment highly depends on the vendor you intend to purchase it. However, the average costs of melting furnaces may cause hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the type you want to buy.


When using melting furnaces, you are expected to have some experience to ensure you do not expose yourself to dangers. Most melting furnace usage is simple but requires technical knowledge from the user. So, ensure that you have the technical expertise before use. The post gives a good understanding of what a melting furnace is designed for.


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