Nanrobot ls7: A Scooter Innovation


The nanrobot ls7 is an electric scooter that is built for different terrains. In 2021, the Nanrobot ls7 was identified as one of the fastest scooters in the world.

Nanrobot was founded by the duo, Smith and Peter in 2015 with the main aim of producing environmentally friendly scooters that ran on clean energy. After less than a decade in the industry, they have made a name for themselves as one of the best scooter producers in the world.

Specs of the Nanrobot ls7

The Nanrobot ls7 is one of their latest products with many amazing features that have earned the scooter the prestige it has today. The scooter has a dual-drive motor with 1800 watts of power and a lithium battery (2100Wh, 60V, and 35Ah). The scooter battery only needs between 8 to 12 hours of charging (when using only one charger) and about 6 hours with two chargers. Nanrobot ls7 can run 62 miles with a single battery charge.

The scooter can climb at an angle of 65 degrees, based on the weight of the rider, and go as fast as 52 miles per hour. The scooter is made from aluminum alloy and weighs only 40kg, but can lift weights up to 150kg. It is fitter with a front and back hydraulic braking system with foldable steering and handlebars.

Pros of the Nanrobot ls7

There are some features that give the Nanrobot ls7 the prestige it enjoys today, and some of them are: The nanrobot ls7 scooter has a superb riding range; the scooter can be used on different terrain including urban roads, and is also good for climbing steep roads. The scooter is also built with adequate lighting systems that make it suitable for riding at night. The scooter has a powerful motor and can move at an incredible speed.

Points to consider when buying a Nanrobot ls7 scooter

Although the scooter has some amazing features and abilities, here are some things worth considering with regards to the nanrobot ls7:

It’s not easy to carry around

The nanrobot weighs 40kg and has a large deck, which can make it difficult to carry about when you’re not riding it. So, keep this in mind when thinking about relocation and storage.

Let it charge to its maximum

You can’t take the scooter on a quick ride if it’s not been properly charged. If you want to enjoy all its features, it’s best to let the scooter complete its charging and it could be a long time of waiting.

Is the nanrobot scooter worth it?

Absolutely! The nanrobot ls7 scooter may be a bit pricey but it is worth the price, if you consider its specs and abilities.


The nanrobot ls7 scooter is an excellent way to explore places. Not only does it help you reach your fitness goal, but it’s also perfect if you enjoy going on adventures and exploring the outdoors. Its powerful motor and long-lasting batteries can take you as far as 52 miles. This seems like a perfect way to explore your city.

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