Seven features of the LED power supply 24V 60W


The LED power supply 24V 60W primary function is to offer electronics an electrical current of 60 watts. It ensures that electronics, such as the LED strip lights work well. Furthermore, the LED technology present in the power supply makes it very popular. Some LED drivers, such as the 24V power supply, do not overheat if used correctly. Therefore, making it the best in the market. If you want to learn more about the LED power supply, here are some features.

1.      Fanless LED power supply 24V 60W design

The fanless design of the power supply ensures that it cools with free air. The design is suitable for environments that require optimal silence. The best thing about the power supply is that you do not have to encounter vibration or unavoidable noise. It also ensures minimal power consumption and is highly reliable.

2.      Input voltage of between 100-264V

The 100-264V means that your device will work in a voltage between 100 and 264. It will not operate for voltage above 264 or less than 100. The 100-264V is currently the universal voltage in most countries. Therefore, there is a high chance that your device will be compatible with the 100-264 power supply.

3.      Output voltage 24V

The LED power supply 24V 60W can be practical and valuable in a factory or workplace. Furthermore, the 24V output voltage means that the LED driver will release 24. If you compare the 12V and 24V, 24V has more power.

4.      The LED power supply 24V 60W has an efficiency of 85%

Generally, most LED power supplies attain the highest efficiency levels at 40% to 80%. The LED power supply has an efficiency of 85%, which leaves room for expansion in the future. A power supply’s efficiency determines the power amount that makes LEDs light up. The higher the efficiency levels, the more power you will save. Thus, the 85% efficiency level will ensure you get to save power and attain optimal results.

5.      The LED power supply 24V 60W is dust-proof

The dust-proof feature in the LED power supply ensures that the device is safe from harm. Dust can interfere with the effectiveness of the power supply. It can also impact the longevity of the LED driver. Thus, the dust-proof feature is crucial for efficiency.

6.      It is waterproof

The LED driver is waterproof. The waterproofness ensures that no moisture can get into the device. Thus, it protects the internal components of the power supply from easy damage. It also provides that no electrical shock can happen if you touch the power supply.

7.      High power factor

The LED power supply has a very high power factor of greater than 0.95. The power factor ensures loading efficiency. It also ensures excellent load regulation and reduces the current. Furthermore, a low power factor requires the drive to use extra power to complete a particular task.


The LED power supply 24V 60W is among the best-LED driver present in the market. One can use it in some essential home equipment like the LED strip lights. The technology used in the power supply ensures durability and efficiency.


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